J-Term Experience

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After Christmas Break our school has a J-term experiential week where teachers can choose to teach 2 subjects in 3 hour block periods. I love this opportunity to have a large section of time to devout to field trips to artist studios and design firms. We have visited over 30 different artist and designer spaces since I have taught at NorthPointe and I am so thankful for the exposure my students have to the wide variety of fine art and applied design fields. “I remember we took trips to different art/ design studios in the Grand Rapids area where we were able to meet the artists/designers and learn about their specific craft. I already had in my mind that I would like to pursue interior design, but I was not fully convinced until I actually saw real people making a living by performing their specific art. Looking back at my experience at Kendall and your classroom, I would say that I definitely was most influenced by going and meeting designers, seeing their work, and listening to them talk about their work and explain the process.” (K. Kurth, personal communication, 2011).


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