Industrial Design

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Industrial Design is a unit within Design I, a class that allows students to experience projects from a variety of design fields. We discuss issues of sustainability, principles of design, the SCAMPER technique  for brainstorming and Function/Aesthetic/Need balance of new product design. Students also design using Adobe Photoshop to create a new product with a guest industrial designer critiquing work.

Adobe Photoshop for combining multiple functions into one object.

sleeping bag with zipped in layers

camera with projector

Lighting Design

Over the past two years I have implemented a lighting design project in which the light is created from recycled materials. One year students entered their lights into a local lighting showcase competition and 4 of the pieces were chosen. This past year I received a grant from Energyworks Michigan Green Classrooms that helped to cover the cost of fluorescent bulbs, clamp light fixtures and recycled materials.

Students chose numbers to see who would get first dibs on the cool and bizarre recycled materials. They ended up sharing or switching in the end anyway, but it was fun to race for the goods!

Cameron Van Dyke came in as a guest artist and designer to critique the work.

Renderings for new object design

bench to picnic table

interactive transformable lighting design

nail polish in a marker


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