High School Real-world Projects

“The educational system is continuing to search for ways to effectively respond to the changing needs of today’s global economy. Increasingly, project-based learning is used as an instructional approach to prepare students to succeed in today’s dynamic workplaces” (Gonzales and Nelson, 2005, p.10).

Its about connections.

It felt so good to plant my garden in bare feet. To dig out the holes with my hands instead of a trowel. To be that intimate with the earth.

Students want to feel connected too. That the paint brush they are holding or the mouse they are maneuvering should reflect their interests, their world, and their future.

Please view the connecting tabs to explore how real-world projects are integrated into the curriculum. It is important to understand that not every project will be a real-world experience, but every project can be relevant. A still life of drapery may cause some students to disengage, but what if it were of their basketball uniform?

Guest Artists, Designers and Speakers and Studio Visits have included:


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