Real-world Logo Design

Two recent alumni remembered NPC’s Graphic Design department’s quality work and requested that my students take on the real-world project of designing the logo for their new venture -a private chauffeur company for Grand Rapids. Excited to take on this real-world project, I invited Joseph Naimo of Nimo-studio to co-teach with me. Students chose creative directors to lead 5 different “ad firms” and are currently researching for product mood boards. Here is a 2 minute presentation that the young entrepreneurs gave to my students. Students spent a week researching and developing target audience boards and presented them to the client for feedback. By doing this step, students were able to hone in on what the client is really looking for. Students also had the real-world experience of public speaking by presenting their work to the client, shown in this video clip. Here, students are led by their peer “Creative Director” in a team critique of brainstorm ideas. Students then had a photoshoot for the web site they created for GR BIMMER.

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